Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready for Some Change!!

So we have found ourselves a month and a week into the new year...and we have yet to even begin our resolutions! I guess we have been so busy...with the girls going home to their families, school for the kiddos, appointments and other commitments....we have, yet again, allowed things that we decided would be priorities to be pushed aside. 

 We really never PLANNED to let our weight and fitness level slack THIS FAR.....but does anyone ever REALLY intend to get fat? lol The good thing is...we can change it...and we are more than ready! 

We have decided to go back to what worked for us originally. Weight Watchers. I have actually been paying for a monthly membership for several guess I better get my tail end into a meeting! I am no longer going to dread the scale. Because I know that I will never see those numbers least not in that order! 
Greg and I have decided to make Wii fit a daily part of our lives...along with walks with the kiddos as often as it's not raining...and we are hoping to take advantage of the Spring-like weather we have been having..and do a lot more geocaching in the near future. I also have a membership to 24 hour fitness...and although I will complain about it's going to become a part of my life again. I finally found some barefoot running shoes that DON'T look like gloves! (Sorry Vibram...your shoes are just plain creepy!) ever....they don't come out until April 1st. Dang! Until then....I will just have to do as much at home as I can! 

So...tonight is the night! We are going to do our official weigh in....take some measurements and read through all of  the new Weight Watchers books. Our first goals will be 5% of our current weight....although we are both hoping to be down 35lbs by the time our adoption finalizes!! I know we can do it....and...HERE WE GO!

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  1. I know you can do it too!! Let me know if you want to do the track thing again! I would love to go jogging with you! Love ya!